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Welcome to EQWiki, a Wiki based EverQuest site by Reorx Holybeard from the Tunare server. While I'm mainly using this site for my own purposes (notes, guides, etc...) feel free to browse or contribute content. We currently have around 1,269 articles.

My goal, if there is any, is to create a newbie friendly introduction to EverQuest from my own experiences and not to duplicate the content of many of the other great EQ sites out there.

Currently I'm busy exploring and having fun in Secrets of Faydwer.

Possibly Useful Pages

  • Statistic Summary -- Compute summary of statistics from the output of the EverQuest in-game /outputfile inventory command.
  • Seeds of Destruction -- The latest expansion.
  • Secrets of Faydwer - The last expansion.
  • Dain Monster Missions -- A quick walkthrough of these fun monster missions.
  • Group Warrior Progression -- Account of the progression of my group Warrior alt.
  • EQWiki:Source Code - Source code of all custom extensions is now available.
  • Commands - A list of all game commands.
  • Combine Power Sources -- Description of the Energeian powers sources available in Katta Castrum
  • New Starter -- Some information for new starters
  • Fellowships -- Complete explanation of this new feature in TBS.
  • Coral_Diving -- Walkthrough for this simple mission
  • Knowledge for Power -- A great mission which can be frustrating if you don't understand what to do
  • Find Items -- Lookup item by name (work in progress). Can also use the search box on the left sidebar.
  • Item Images -- Access static images for all Everquest items (work in progress).
  • Advanced Item Search -- Advanced item search with a variety of search options such as slot, race, class, effects etc....
  • Item Sets -- Work in progress to allow the collection of items into sets which can be compared in terms of their overall stats and effects (ex: Praetorian Plate Armor Set). Interface is currently 'clunky' but should improve as I work on it.
  • Convert Bazaar INI -- The patch on March 15th, 2007, changed the BZR_name_server.ini file format used to store your trader item prices. Use this page to convert the old format to the new format. Now updated to allow conversion of items with charges.

External Links: Other EQ Wikis

Class Guides

This is Lockdown, an 82nd level Enchanter (2450 AAs) on the Prexus Server. With the kind permission of the Site's owner, I've begun creating an Enchanter Class Page. This is not a guide to levelling or how to play the class. This is just basic information. I'm looking for help in establishing parameters to establish class pages which all can follow. I've got a skeletal form: Class Guide Format. But I'm not too impressed with it. I like the basic premise of it, simple, straghtforward, hard data without bias and a minimum of personal opinion. I've also listed and described to the best of my ability the Archetype and Class specific AAs (General can get its own page, since everyone gets General) and how they apply to my particular class. For instance, the Archtype AA Fortify Companion does the same thing for every class that has it. But every class is a Charm class with as many different types of pets to choose from as an Enchanter. For this reason, I felt Archetype should be addressed on class pages.

If anyone would like to help me complete my Enchanter page, or start a similar page for your own class, please feel free. But I would hope that we make ourselves the source for just objective facts. Class guides exist on every class specific webpage in the game. Moreover, since those are live forums, they're constantly being updated. But hard data is hard data. Barring revamps/nerfs, they never change. Lockdown 10:23, 4 April 2009 (EDT)

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