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Animation pets are the summoned Warrior-class pets of the Enchanter class. This summoned pet line begins at first level and continues unbroken until level 81. The reagent required for summoning is a tiny dagger, available for purchase from vendors in various zones at a cost of one silver piece per tiny dagger.

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The Animation Pets

The following is a list of the Animation Pets and the levels at which they become available to their owners.

The Animation Pets and the Required Level of the Enchanter to Summon

Level to Summon Name of Animation Pet Level Hit Points Armor Class Base Damage
1 Pendril's Animation  ? 11  ? 1
2 Juli's Animation  ? 51  ? 6
7 Mircyl's Animation
9 Kilan's Animation
14 Shalee's Animation
17 Sisna's Animation
22 Sagar's Animation
29 Uleen's Animation
31 Boltran's Animation
37 Aanya's Animation
41 Yegoreff's Animation
48 Kintaz's Animation
55 Zumaik's Animation
62 Aeldorb's Animation
66 Salik's Animation
71 Ellowind's Animation
76 Erradien's Animation
76 Erradien's Animation Rk. II
76 Erradien's Animation Rk. III
81 Yozan's Animation 78 7434 163 82
81 Yozan's Animation Rk. II 78 9912 163 93
81 Yozan's Animation Rk. III 78 12390 163 99
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