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Blur is a magical means of clearing a mob's hate list. Typically, this is done by a spell, such as the Enchanter's line of blur spells which have an innate chance of success, but affected by other aspects, such as level, Charisma and certain AAs which improve the chances. In addition, the mesmerization spells wielded by certain classes have an innate chance of proccing a blur.

A successful blur completely clears the mob's entire hate list, as distinct from jolt, which reduces the aggro only of one particular individual per use. While certain methods can clear a player from a mob's hate list completely, such as zoning, feign death, evacuating or being the recipient of the Magician's spell Call of the Hero, this is not truly blurring. A successful blur clears all players from the mob's hate list completely, regardless of their previous actions or inaction.

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