Bug:Can't Sell Duplicate Bags

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Status Confirmed
Severity Minor
Origin 5 July 2007 Patch?
Fixed Partially Fixed 31 July 2007?


When selling containers to a vendor they will not purchase the containers if they already have one in their inventory.


The bug originated in a patch in July 2007 (need confirmation). Originally this was a potential dupe-exploit as selling a second duplicate container to a vendor would result the vendor refusing to purchase it yet their inventory increasing by one. This dupe-exploit was fixed (supposedly) in the 31 July 2007 patch (not confirmed). However the the bug still remains present after the patch.


  • Get two or more identical containers that can be sold.
  • Sell one container to a vendor with a non-full inventory.
  • Attempt to sell the second container to the same vendor.
  • The vendor will offer a buy price but refuse to purchase the container.


  • Sell to a vendor with a full inventory (not confirmed).
  • If you must sell a container then sell to a vendor that doesn't already it.
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