Bug:Pet Suspend Duplicates Pet

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Status Confirmed
Severity Minor
Origin Unknown
Fixed -


If you suspend a pet before being rezzed and then unsuspend it after the rez you will not be allowed to suspend it afterwards.


It seems that if you suspend a pet after dieing but before being rezzed this can result in you being unable to re-suspend that pet after the rez. In some cases if you destroy the original pet you can unsuspend the original pet again. In other cases you cannot suspend your pet afterwards even though you don't have a pet suspended.


Need confirmation on exactly what steps, and what level of the Suspend Minion AA is needed to duplicate:

  • Die
  • Summon and suspend a pet
  • Get rezzed
  • Unsuspend the pet
  • Try to suspend the pet again...you may be prevented
  • Destroy your pet
  • Unsuspend again...you may get your original pet back again.


  • Don't suspend a pet before getting a rez.
  • Try zoning before/after being rezzed to clear the issue of not being able to suspend a pet.
  • DEV -- Fix issue of a suspended pet when rezzed.
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