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Status Confirmed
Severity Major
Origin Unknown
Fixed -


After playing the game for a while all graphics disappear briefly, usually when the player is facing west.


This is an itermittent bug that crops up from time to and is extremely annoying as it causes all graphics to appear/disappear depending on which direction you are facing. It is called the West Bug because the graphics generally disappear when facing the west direction, although it can also occur in other directions as well (but rarely east).

When the graphics disappear it seems as though the only thing that is displayed is the fog and sometimes a few models (landscape decoration). While no cause has been confirmed it seems to occur more often with AMD processors.


Part of the issue in tracking down this bug is the difficulty in duplicating it. Sometimes it happens right after logging and other times you can play for hours before it appears suddenly.


  • Quit game and reboot computer. It usually happens after a few hours of play.
  • Update all video, processor, and motherboard drivers. This sometimes fixes the bug.
  • Switch to an Intel processor. This is not particularily convienient but it seems the bug occurs much less with Intel processors.
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