Bug:You cannot see your target

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Status Confirmed
Severity Minor
Origin N/A
Fixed -


When meleeing you receive the error message "you cannot see your target" even though your target is clearly visible in front of you and within range.


The line-of-sight (LOS) calculation apparently uses the feet of the player and target to determine if the player can 'see' the target. If there is a small hill, or other obstacle, between the feet of the player and target you'll receive this message. This is particularily noticable on hilly/bumpy terrain but even very small bumps in the landscape can cause it.

Note that this is not to be confused with server-client lag where the same error message can occur when the displayed and actual position of the target is different.


(need a zone/area/loc where this occurs frequently)


  • Simply move forwards/backwards until the error message goes away.
  • DEV -- Move the LOS calculation from the feet to the midpoint of models.
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