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EQ Jargon

There are a lot of terms and acronyms used in EQ, here are a few of the more common ones

AA: Alternate Advancement - a player can divert experience earned from regular experience (which improves character level) to AAs. When enough exp is gained, AA points are awarded that can be spent on various beneficial abilities.

AC: Armour Class - the ability of a toon to avoid being hit, and once hit reduce the damage that is taken. While the game presents AC as a simple number, the actual calculations for being hit and taking damage are very complex

Agro: When a mob is in combat, it will attack the player for which it has the highest agro. This is a very complex topic, but crudely summarised, the mob attacks whoever it hates the most. Tanks (see below) should aim to be on the top of the agro list.

Agro Radius: The 'awareness' of a mob. If it becomes aware of an enemy inside it's agro radius it may attack that enemy. If a mob notices another mob to which it is allied which has agro against someone, it may attack the target of that agro.

Buff: A spell that improves the abilities of it's target in some fashion while it lasts

Campfire: See fellowship

CC: Crowd Control - The game is set up such that generally a group that is tackling worthwhile content is only ever fighting one mob at a time. The crowd controller's job is to prevent any extra mobs from causing problems, using mezzes, roots or kiting.

Chain Classes: Those character classes that can wear chain armour: Berserkers, Shamen, Rogue and Ranger

Class: The 'profession' of a character. Mobs share the same clases as players. Each class has it's own abilities and styles

Con: When a mob is targeted, a player can 'consider' the target and this gives the following information: whether the mob is KOS, what the relative level of the mob versus the player and if it can 'see' the player (i.e. if the player is invisible, whether or not the mob can see through the effect)

Debuff: A spell that worsens the abilities of it's target in some fashion while it lasts

DOT: Damage Over Time - a spell which does damage to it's target every tick (6 seconds) until it wears off

Endurance: The ammount of physical energy that a character has. This is depleted by fighting and using certain fighting skills. This can be crudley considered to be mana for melee classes. Casters are unlikely to ever run out of endurance

Enrages: Some mobs enrage at times during combat. This allows the mob to hit back at the toon facing it every time that toon hits it, in addition to it's usual attacks. Effectively this means that the mobs DPS increases dramatically unless the toon with agro stops attacking.

Fellowship: Up to nine players can form a fellowship. This allows them to chat between themselves relatively easily, and more importantly three fellowship members together can create a campfire that other fellows can teleport to.

FD: Feign Death - the ability of a player to appear to be dead and drop off the agro list of a mob. This is extrememly useful for pulling - if more than one mob is agro'd, the FDer can drop agro and wait until only one mob is pulled. It takes a short while for the mobs to completely forget about a toon - if the FDer stands up before this happens, they regain all the agro that they lost.

Group: The game allows up to six players to group together to share loot and experience

Guild: A guild is a loose collection of players who often group or raid together. Guilds automatically have a guild hall that offers certain facilities that are not available to non-guilded players.

GTG: Good to Go - ready for a pull etc.

Healers: These classes are there to restore hit points to players who have taken damage - typically Clerics, Druids and Shamen.

Health: The ammount of damage a character can take before it dies. This is a number called Hit Points

Hit Points: See Health

HOT: Heal Over Time - a spell that heals damage done to it's target every tick (6 seconds) while it lasts

HOTT: Health of Target's Target - a leadership AA that allows the recipient to bring up a window showing the health of that person's target. This is a lot more useful than it sounds

HP: Hit Points

KOS: Kill on sight. If a mob dislikes players enough, it will attack that player as soon as it enters the mob's agro radius without being attacked first. Most mobs really dislike players. This is not the same as agro.

Leadership AA: Group and Raid leaders can put 15% of their experience aside to go to their or someone else's leadership ability. When enough experience has built up, points are awareded that can be spend on many beneficial abilities. These abilities are only available when in a group or raid above a certain size.

Leather Class: Those character classes that can wear leather armour: Monks, Druids and Beastlords

LFG: Looking for group

LFM: Looking for more (a group looking for more players)

MA: Main Assist - the toon who selects which mob the group or raid should attack, when there is more than one. The mobs that are not being attacked can be controlled by the crowd control classes.

Mana: Mystical energy that can be converted into spells by casters.

ML: Main Looter - the toon responsible for looting all tradeable items from corpses, so that it can be distributed after the group is done.

Mobs: Short for Mobile OBjects. Old BB term, here meaning any monster

MQ: Multiquestable - in old expansions it was possible to hand in items to quest NPCs for someone else. This was discontinued, although old quests remain MQable. MQ can also refer to a program purports to allow people to cheat at EQ.

MT: Main Tank - the toon who is responsible for holding agro on the mob

Nuke: Direct damage spell - a spell that does instant damage on it's target

OOC: Out of combat. When not in combat, characters regenerate health, endurance and mana more quickly

Plate class: Those character classes that can wear plate armour: Warriors, Paladins, Shadowknights, Bards and Clerics

Pulling: The enemies in Everquest are generally tougher than the players, hence the players group together to fight them. It is a lot easier to fight the enemies one at a time - it is the job of the puller to bring the mobs to the players in such a fashion that they are never overwhelmed. See agro radius

POK: Plane of Knowledge

Raid: Several groups can join together into a raid to take on more dangerous targets.

Rampage: Some mobs rampage, allowing them to hit several toons at once, if they're close enough. The mobs pick their targets on a seperate list to agro. The rampage list consists of the people for whom the mob has agro, with each new person being added to the bottom of the list. Some mobs attack all enemies in a certain radius, more commonly mobs will attack one more toon.

RNG: Random Number Generator. In EQ this tends to create 'spikey' effects that can be quite unpredictable (i.e. streaks of uncommon events, long pauses without common events occuring etc.)

RT: Rampage Tank - the toon responsible for being on the top of the rampage list, preventing healers and casters from being hit

Silk classes: Those character classes that can wear silk armour: Enchanters, Magicians, Wizards and Necromancers

Tanks: The tank is the character whose goal it is to hold agro. Some classes are far better at taking damage (i.e. more hit points), avoiding damage (i.e. more armour class, dodge abilities etc.) and reducing damage (i.e. damage mitigation, armour class etc.) than others. These classes should protect those less able to take damage. Tanks are typically Warriors, Paladins and Shadowknights, although other classes can tank as well when needed.

WTB: Want to buy

WTS: Want to sell (This page is work in progress - a LOT more work is needed)

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