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Mesmerization (often referred to as "mezz") is a detrimental effect which renders mobs inactive for a set duration. The most common application of this ability is Crowd Control, reducing the number of active mobs in an area. While mezzes, unlike roots, are not subject to breaking before the set duration, damage upon a mesmerized mob will immediately release it from its mesmerized state and restore its ability to act.

As distinct from most detrimental effects and spells, mesmerization effects are hard-capped, meaning they have a set level and cannot mesmerize NPCs above this level. Mesmerization spells and effects come in a variety, including single target, point-blank area-of-effect, target-based area-of-effect (which will enthrall up to four NPCs in the area) and viral (single-target that will spread to NPCs in the vicinity).

Mesmerization effects of themselves are completely harmless to any character other than rendering it inactive. However, all manner of detrimental effects which do no damage can be inflicted upon a mesmerized NPC without breaking its mezz. Moreover, certain mesmerization spells/songs/alternate advancements can induce detrimental effects as a proc or recourse. Mesmerization can also include a blur component.

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