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There are some 60 different missions in TBS with a variety of content and difficulty levels.

Pirate Missions

Pirate missions can be obtained in The Barren Coast and likely the The Buried Sea and yield Doublon currency and Pirate faction as their rewards. As your faction increases you will be able to buy better equipment from the Pirate vendors found in The Buried Sea. These missions are easier and are geared towards level 65-70 players with poorer gear.

Combine Missions

Combine missions can be obtained in Katta Castrum and yield Orux/Orum currency and Combine faction as their rewards. Again, as your faction increases you will be be able to purchase more items from the Combine vendors in Katta. These missions are harder than the pirate missions with much harder missions also available.

Knowledge for Power -- Work your way into a pyramid in Jewel of Atiiki and play hide-n-seek with a Sphinx.
Coral Diving -- Search through an instanced version of Thalassuis to find and return 10 coral stones.

Mission Auto-Balancing

An important note about missions yielding currency of any type (Orux, Doublons, etc...). TBS introduces an automatic reward balancing system where the most often done missions will have a drop in rewards while less done missions will have an increase in reward.

  • Done on a per server basis (unsure if server restarts reset it).
  • The reward displayed when you choose the mission is what you get, so no worries about the reward dropping before you complete it.
  • The lowest/highest possible rewards are capped to prevent it from becoming too high or low.
  • Missions with normal rewards will show up as white in the mission window, while missions with lower rewards show up as yellow or red and missions with higher rewards show up as green.
  • There is a certain threshold of missions needing to be done before the rewards begins to drop.
  • The rewards will tend to reset towards their normal values after a time (presumably, not sure how long it takes exactly).
  • Faction is adjusted along with the currency reward. This means you will need to do more missions to reach ally if you do just yellow/red overutilized missions.
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