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Veteran Rewards are special AAs that were introduced on Everquest's 6th year anniversary (March 2005?) to reward players with long active accounts. For each year of active subscription on your account you can claim a veteran reward on one character. For example, if you have 5 years on one account you can have up to 5 characters ecah claim 5 rewards.

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Reward Descriptions

There is a specific veteran reward for each year of active subscription on your account.

  • 1 Year -- Lesson of the Devoted (Lucy) -- Doubles your experience gained for the next 30 minutes! This includes both regular and AA experience (unsure about leadership and evolving experience). It does not stack with most experience potions like the Potion of Adventure. Its duration is not extended by any AAs or focus items. Recast time is 18 hours.
  • 2 Year -- Infusion of the Faithful (Lucy) -- Maxes all stats and resists and increases running speed to 65% (faster than SoW and Run5) for 15 minutes. Reusable once every 18 hours.
  • 3 Year -- Chaotic Jester (Lucy) -- Summons a Bristlebane puppet that persists for 15 minutes that randomly casts some spells (some beneficial and some not). Reusable once every 18 hours.
  • 4 Year -- Expediant Recovery (Lucy) -- Summons all rezable corpses to your feet with a 100% ressurection. Reusable once per week.
  • 5 Year -- Steadfast Servant (Lucy) -- Summons a creature that casts various beneficial spells for 15 minutes or until you zone. Reusable once every 18 hours.
  • 6 Year -- Staunch Recovery (Lucy) -- Completely restores your hit points, mana, and endurance. Reusable once every 3 days.
  • 7 Year -- Intensity of the Resolute (Lucy) -- Greatly increases your abilities and healing powers for 5 minutes. Reusable once every 18 hours?
  • 8 Year -- Armor of Experience (Lucy) -- Coats you in a powerful armor that absorbs all damage for a short time. As the armor falls it is replaced with lesser versions until it is used up. First version is a 100% damage absorption for 7600 points of damage followed by versions that absorb 75%, 50%, and 25% of damage.
  • 9 Year -- Throne of Heroes (Lucy) -- Teleports the player to the Guild Lobby once every 18 hours.
  • 10 Year -- Name? (Lucy) -- Summons a merchant for a short time.
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